Deepace Technology is a technical company which belongs to KeChuang(KC) group.We have a high-level RF, software and hardware R&D group. We focus on designing and making professional measuring meter and other devices which are high performance and high cost-effective. We aim to let all technology lovers be able to own the professional measuring meters and devices. In this case, we have developed a lot of devices, which are popular and adored by the technology lovers. We have set up the companies in a lot of provinces over the country. Also we have a plentiful of processing resource. What’s more, we have built a strong connection with the distributors and hardware supply company. Having a good cooperation with the great distributors can maximize the performance and strengthen the quality of the products to make it more reliable. Every device made by KC group represents the effort and intelligence of thousands of technology lovers whom are from our community. Also it means the infinite development potential in the future of the good ecological environment.

 Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


TEL / Skype / Whatsapp: +86 18128559840