We DEEPACE trade as DDU.
  DDU (Delivered duty unpaid—named place of destination), means that the seller delivers the goods to the buyer at the destination specified by the importing country, without going through the importation formalities and without unloading the goods from the delivered means of transport, i.e. completing the delivery.
  The seller shall bear all costs and risks associated with the shipment of the goods to the designated destination, excluding any “duties and taxes” (including the responsibility and risk of customs clearance, as well as the payment of fees, customs duties, taxes and other charges) due on importation at the destination if customs clearance is required. The buyer must bear this “duty” and the costs and risks arising from its failure to clear the goods for import in a timely manner.


Our shipping process has two parts.
  1. First we shipped the goods from China Inland to Hong Kong. This will take 3-4 days.
      (This is because DHL in China does not accept packages with batteries, and DHL in Hong Kong accepts           any packages so we had to send them to Hong Kong.)
  2. Then DHL Hong Kong receives the package for international shipping. 
      Under normal circumstances, it takes about 3-6 days for a package to reach you from Hong Kong.
      In special cases, such as those affected by an epidemic, the transportation process becomes slow and          will take 15-30 days.