The software version 1.2.2 KC901S has a issue that when change the AF Source mode any value will make KC901S can not start.  We have fixed this problem,user can update the firmware to fix this

How to update firmware(write By DG9BFC)


1. Save the bin file in the root of the memory card ( This can be made in external card reader or also via the usb cable (see comments below!)

2. Press (and hold for about 2 seconds!) the 3 “magic buttons” to start the bootloader while powering on (the 3 buttons in upper right corner below the screen F3, F4 and F5, see Chart 2-1)

3. Follow the instructions on the screen (That may take a while)

4. At the end of update click on yes (restart device) … READY!

5. If the device is somewhere stuck and you can not power it on or off then press and hold the 3 buttons mentioned above while pressing “cs” (hard reset) button for half a second. Now the bootloader should start and you can follow the instructions on the screen.

6. If you have saved the bin file to the memory card via the usb cable then you have to disconnect the USB cable before you start the update, otherwise it will not work.


download the firmware