• -Test frequencies up to 1.5GHz with 1Hz resolution and stability better than 1ppm.
  • -Vector measurement on S11 with 0.01° phase resolution and 0.01db amplitude resolution.
  • -With vector measurement capability of S11, it shows the smith chart, RL(Return loss), characters of phase position, and frequency.
  • -In S21 scalar measurement, it has the function of single frequency S21 within range of 100dB.*
  • -With its non-volatile calibration data built-in, on site calibration is not necessary if performing a qualitative measurement. While performing rigorous test, you may use the SOL to enhance the calibration.
  • -A handy field strengthen meter with a wide dynamic range.
  • -Built in DDS, audio signal source function.
  • -Data can be saved in the Memory Card or be transferred into PC via USB.
  • -3.5 inch color-display
  • -Excellent response speed with accurate key feeling, less than 3s ready to use.
  • -Functions are stable and reliable with the excellent hardware/software design.
  • * in accordance with Technical parameters

– Transmission test
(tuning  diplexer and filter, testing amplifier and inspecting the directivity of antennas)
– Vector reflection test
(examining quality of antenna system and feeder system, a tracking receiver is used to improve the noise performance)
– Spectrum display and field strength detection
(inspecting radio frequency emissions / searching interference sources)
– RF,AF source

KC901C technical parameters

 (beta version, may different with formal version)
Frequency range:  
    Transmission test 100kHz… 1.5GHz
Reflex testing 300kHz… 1.5GHz
Audio signal 3Hz… 10MHz
Output level (typical):   
+3dBm or 2mW (1MHz – 1.5GHz)
The built-in RF variable attenuator: 0 – 30dB
0.05-1.5V (audio 3Hz-1MHz)
Input sensitivity:   
Better than -107dBm or 1μV (100KHz – 1.5GHz)
Max input level:  
    All RF port DC10V, +20dBm
S21 test range (typical):   
90dB (1MHz-1.5GHz, 60dB in100KHz, 110dB in 435MHz)
1Hz Frequency, 0.01dB Level, 0.01°phase, pressure 0.1hPa,0.1m altitude.
The level of uncertainty (typical values, @25°C):
+ 1.5dB (spectrum test, REF=20dBm) ,+ 3dB (spectrum, intensity, pattern)
+ (0.5+0.05L) dB (S21 test, direct calibration, insertion loss L≤60dB)
-3dB (+1dB, loss, vector SOL calibration, -3dB≥RL≥-25dB)
Absolute orientation (more than 90% interval is better than this value):
20dB (15MHz-2GHz)
The relative orientation of (vector SOL after calibration, the calibration and return loss is better than 48dB, 90% confidence interval)
45dB (3MHz-1.5GHz)
30dB (1MHz-3MHz)
20dB (300KHz-1MHz)
Phase relative uncertainty (typically, 3 minutes of preheating, continuous operation mode)
1°(3MHz – 1.5GHz)
5°(1MHz – 3MHz)
7°(300KHz – 1MHz)
Except  20,45,50,100,750,1500MHz ±15kHz
Z and R range: 0-999 ohms
X: ±0-999 ohm
1000-9999 ohm value for reference only
Uncertainty (25-200 ohm range): + (2.5%+5) ohm
Frequency stability:
+ 1ppm/year@25 C
Pressure range 300-1100hPa
Pressure uncertainty 3hPa (0~45°C)
The altitude range -100 – 9000m
Measuring speed
2ms/, scanning a screen about 1 second (slow, 450pt)
The instrument can be set more speed, but the error increases. The user can according to the demand for speed and accuracy demand of weigh options.
Power voltage:
11.5V…… 32V (external power supply); 6.5…… 8.4V (battery)
105V…… 230V, 50/60Hz (DC adapter input)
Battery life (filled with batteries, typical values, @15°C):
7 hours (intensity, spectrum, signal source);
5 hours (S21 or S11, including the insertion loss testing)
20 hours (STOP state, the brightness of the display screen 10%)
Temperature and humidity range allows work:
-40-65°C (external power supply, battery power supply in the range depends on temperature of the battery characteristics)
10%-90%R.H., no condensation
200 * 114 * 46mm (length * width * thickness)
Quality (including battery):
Net weight of host machine: less than 1.2kg
Packing: total quality about 2.0kg

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