KC901V Technical Parameters

KC901V technical parameters 

Item Measurement Condition Parameter Note
Lowest Typical Highest
Frequency Range Effective 9KHz 6.8GHz
SPEC mode is settable 0 7GHz
Sweeping Range SPAN 1KHz 6.8GHz
Sweeping Point 450pt 3150pt Operation
Frequency Resolving Power All sweeping functions 1Hz Spectrum Analyzer etc
All single-frequency-point function 0.1Hz Signal source etc
Electrical Level 0.01dB
Phase Resolving Ability 0.01°
Sweeping Speed RBW=30KHz,per point 1.2ms
RBW=10KHz,per point 1.5ms
RBW=3KHz,per point 2ms
RBW=1KHz,per point 3ms
RBW=30K,450pt per screen 0.5s
Output Electrical Level 1MHz-5GHz -10dBm 0dBm 6dBm 1 port
1MHz-5GHz 0dBm 6dBm 10dBm 2 ports
5GHz-6.8GHz -20dBm 0dBm 1 port
5GHz-6.8GHz -10dBm 6dBm 2 ports
Output Attenuation 0dB 30dB
Sensitivity 1MHz-5GHz -107dBm 1 port RBW=1KHz
5GHz-6.8GHz -94dBm
Transmission Measurement’s Available Dynamic Range 1MHz-1GHz 80dB Equivalent to transceiver path’s insulation
1GHz-2GHz 70dB
2GHz-6.8GHz 40dB
Uncertainty of Transmission’s Range After bypass calibration,when insertion loss less than 60dB 0.5+0.05L
Insertion Loss’s Zero Drifting When compensation’s existing insertion loss less than 30dB 0.05dB
Bridge’s Absolute Directionality 9kHz—1MHz 18dB 90% section is credible
1MHz—6.8GHz 20dB
S11 Relevant Directionality 9kHz—3GHz 45dB After calibration,90% section is credible
3GHz—6GHz 35dB
6GHz—6.8GHz 30dB
Uncertainty of Return Loss After bypass calibration,when 3dB<RL<25dB 1.5+0.1RL
Uncertainty of Phase 9kHz—1GHz Reflection coefficient, when ρ>0.25



Item Measurement Condition Parameter Note
Lowest Typical Highest
Port’s VSWR Port 2,1MHz-3.5GHz 1.5 Static value
Port 1,1MHz-3.5GHz 2.0
Local Oscillator’s Leakage Port 1 -60dBm -10dBm
IF’s Feed through Suppression Degree 30dB
Frequency Stability, per year 1ppm
Power Voltage Charge interface 11V 32V
AC-DC power adaptor 105V 230V
Inner battery 6.5V 8.4V