First of all, We are sorry to inform you that the original planned First bath earliest delivery time can’t be reached by March 31. At present, we strive to make the first batch of delivery before April 15.

All of the suppliers are delayed. First, PCB manufacturer received our order at the beginning of this month, There are 3 PCBs, include 6 layers interface and power board, 8 layers CPU board and RF board(6 layers, RO4350 and RO4003 material mixed). they just arrived today. It will take about a week to SMT and test. According to experience, the yield rate of SMT may be very low, and it will take about a week to repair.

Aluminum cavity manufacturer are constantly putting off their delivery dates, At present, after our discussion, the tentative delivery date is April 1. We also contact other manufacturer, most of them are developing mask manufacturing equipment and full capacity occupied.

At this time, the screen glass and acoustic waterproof cloth have been delivered on time with good quality. Screen glasses are assembled by ourselves, we ordered a glue dispensing robot and build a UV light for manufacture. Our beautiful R & D assistant helps to press the screen together (without her photo, just the device)


All the glass has been installed right now.

Now the kc908 shell has all arrived, which is a small-scale production in the R&D process last year. But we have modified the size of SMA connector, so this batch of shell needs to be machining by our own CNC, operated by our mechanical engineer. This picture is the all parts of KC908’s shell.

We use a kind of acoustic material which can be well ventilated and impervious to water as the dustproof of kc908 speaker. The speaker manufacturer failed to deliver our customized speakers on time, they soldering a wrong wire that makes the speaker can’t assemble to the board. After a lot of Fxxking word for the manufacturer we decide to receive the wrong speaker, and soldering the right wire by ourselves. This is the acoustic material in 200X microscope, The mesh size about 10um.

The SMA connectors are designed by us, Two weeks ago we received the sample. We test the performance witch is very good. Its mass production delivery date is about a week away. There is a 90 degree mechanical coordination between the connector and shell, We have adopted certain techniq to make it stable. Connector’s shell is strong, But the core part is weak. Connector has very precise interface, error less than -10um. It needs to be carefully protected in use

The paper box are not manufacture right, Plastic case will arrive soon.full package weight about 2.5kg.

The keyboard of this version use same as KC903(Radio Communication Tester, Project closed about 7years ago) we design a knife mold to cut the unnecessary part.

The components needed for the production of the second batch of products haven’t arrived yet, and the delivery date of some chips hasn’t been determined, so the second batch of products may also be delayed.



When KC908 and other desktop instruments are used to measure a 6kW magnetron signal, it can be seen that the real-time spectrum analyzer is quite different from the sweeping spectrum analyzer, and the real-time analyzer has more detailed information. KC908 considers adding a sampling detector, so that its display effect can be close to the traditional sweeping spectrum analyzer.


Update 2020/03/21

CPU board and control borad arrived, Now start to test and repaie.



Update 2020/04/10

RF borad arrived, Some component need to soldering.



Some components of LGA package have problems in SMT and need to be repaired

Start using CNC to modify the shell

We adjusted the frequency range marked on the KC908. The frequency range that can actually be set will be wider than it is. But the frequency performance beyond that is not guaranteed.


Update 2020/05/17


The second batch of empty PCBs has arrived.

Shipments are currently expected to begin in early June.

The risk remains due to modifications.

ADI chip sourcing has become quite difficult in recent months, with price increases and delays in delivery starting to become common.

However, the purchase of the second batch of 908 chips has long been completed and is largely unaffected.

The actual cost of processing far exceeded the budget, and the loss on internal measurement was essentially a foregone conclusion.

The software is being refined and has been greatly improved.

Some bugs have not yet been checked, and there are still problems such as crashing.

Some of the default parameters don’t make sense, and some settings don’t seem to be saved (like the amplifier settings at ALC) and don’t work well.

These will be addressed gradually.

Yesterday in an important mountain electromagnetic environment and link loss investigation, with 908 + R100B, and at the same time with FSH4 as a backup. 908 is very competitive without problems, using ALC with manual pre-amp, test results are very good, 20dB pre-amp gain, sensitivity high than FSH4 open PA, when 40dB pre-amp sensitivity is similar FSH4 open PA, but anti-interference performance is better than FSH4 open PA. KC908 made it too easy.