KC1050 Beacon Transmitter


VHF/UHF Band beacon

CW/FM mode with MP3 player

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KC1050 is a beacon transmitter designed to transmit low power RF signals in VHF(2m) and UHF(0.7m) frequency band, and it’s capable of serving as the target for radio direction-finding training as well as Morse code trainer. Signal modes consist of auto continuous wave telegraphy (CW), auto frequency modulation telegraphy, manual key and auto key manual continuous wave or modulation telegraphy, single tone modulation, mp3 format audio file playing through TF card as well as sending voice message with external hand-held mic.

User manual

Technical Parameters

Frequency Range     VHF:144-148MHz/UHF:430-440MHz

Frequency Stepping               25/12.5kHz

Occupying Bandwidth              16k0

Maximum Frequency Deviation   4.5kHz

Antenna’s Impedance              50Ω

Ambient Temperature     -10~40℃(50℃ acceptable at low power)

Volume                    58.3 X 86.5 X 36.7mm

Output Power          0.01W EL/0.1W LOW/0.2W MID/0.5W HIGH

Stray                       Better than -60dBc

Harmonic Wave              Better than -60dBc

Working Voltage                  7.2V

Working Current               ≤500mA

Charging Voltage             5V(USB Voltage)

Charging Current                  1A

Endurance Time          About 6h(high power), About 10h(low power)


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