KC901C 1.5GHz Handheld network analyzer

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KC901 serial 1.5GHz handheld network analyzer

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Compare with KC901S

different frequence range
KC901S: 3GHz


  • -Test frequencies up to 1.5GHz with 1Hz resolution and stability better than 1ppm.
  • -Vector measurement on S11 with 0.01° phase resolution and 0.01db amplitude resolution.
  • -With vector measurement capability of S11, it shows the smith chart, RL(Return loss), characters of phase position, and frequency.
  • -In S21 scalar measurement, it has the function of single frequency S21 within range of 100dB.*
  • -With its non-volatile calibration data built-in, on site calibration is not necessary if performing a qualitative measurement. While performing rigorous test, you may use the SOL to enhance the calibration.
  • -A handy field strengthen meter with a wide dynamic range.
  • -Built in DDS, audio signal source function.
  • -Data can be saved in the Memory Card or be transferred into PC via USB.
  • -3.5 inch color-display
  • -Excellent response speed with accurate key feeling, less than 3s ready to use.
  • -Functions are stable and reliable with the excellent hardware/software design.
  • * in accordance with Technical parameters

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Package include:

1 x KC901C
1 x Power adapter(charger)
1 x Strap
1 x User manual

1 review for KC901C 1.5GHz Handheld network analyzer

  1. David Finell

    I have two KC 901 series products, both the H and the C. I was very excited when the KC 901H came out. When I discovered it both I and a friend of mine purchased one. It functioned flawlessly but on my example the hard plastic keypad didn’t lie flush or level with the sheetmetal enclosure. This made using the included keypad overlay problematic at best. Otherwise it was built solid and continues to function flawlessly. When Deepace added vector capabilities to the KC 901 series I was anxious to jump on the opportunity and when I saved enough money I jumped.
    The KC 901C has a completely redesigned keyboard. It uses soft backlit rubber keys rather than the hard keys or buttons of the earlier version. The fit and finish is slightly more refined and it is smaller. It has also added other capabilities that increase its usability beyond generating smith charts. It now has the ability to save files on a removable memory card and also has USB connectivity. I am concerned about the long term durability of the rubber keyboard. I hope Deepace is in business for a long time and carries parts when the time comes to service this wonderful unit. In my opinion they make an outstanding product especially for the ham radio operator and electronics hobbyist/enthusiast. As a retired broadcast engineer I also would have no problems using this equipment for making quick measurements in the commercial environment.
    I would like Deepace to offer soft cases for their product much like MFJ did with their 259 antenna analyzer.
    Overall I must say great job to Deepace for the KC 901C!! It is a great product! Keep up the fantastic work.
    Best Regards,
    David Finell,

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