KC901S 3GHz Handheld Network Analyzer multi RF-meter

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  • Powerful handheld network analyzer up to 3GHz

  • Vector S11 testing

  • Scalar S21 testing

  • Spectrum

  • AF&RF Source

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  • KC901S is a “RF multimeter”. It offers the capabilities of single port vector network analysis and dual port scalar network analysis, also with spectrum, field strength and signal generator functions. It is a powerful and useful handheld instrument for RF engineer both in lab and on the field.



  • 3GHz range with 1Hz resolution, stability better than 1ppm.
  • Vector S11 measurement, smith chart, RL(Return loss), phase,SWR format.
  • 100dB S21 dynamic range.*
  • SOL Calibration.
  • Field strengthen meter,AF source and RF source
  • Data can be saved in the Memory Card or be transferred into PC via USB.
  • 3.5 inch color-display -Excellent response speed with accurate key feeling
  • Less than 3s ready to use.
  • Functions are stable and reliable with the excellent hardware/software design.

* in accordance with Technical parameters

Main Functions

  • Transmission measurement(filter adjustment, amplifier measurement and directivity measurement of antennas).
  • Reflection measurement(adjusting impedance matching network and examining quality of antenna feed system).
  • Measurement of Low frequency signal source and radio frequency signal source.
  • Spectrum display and field strength detection***(inspecting radio station emission performances and searching for interference sources).

Recommended Applications

  • KC901S is designed for adjusting RF circuits, such as filters, amplifiers, splitter, combiner, for testing input and output impedance, evaluating the quality of antenna feed system, and for detecting signal amplitudes of equipment at all levels. In some bands, field measurement, and detection of interference are allowed.
  •  When combined with community exchange, KC901S is a good tool to learn radio frequency knowledge. In the area of expertise, it can be applied in professional Communication Engineering, antenna manufacture and daily maintenance of broadcast and TV radiating stations, promoting working efficiency, ease carrying burden as well as improve quality of works.

What in package

  • 1 x KC901S
  • 1 x power adapter
  • 1 x strap
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x desktop stand

Package Size


Warranty and Return

1 year warranty
30 days return

KC9011S DS1



Additional information

Weight 1.99 kg
Dimensions 25 × 27 × 17 cm

1 review for KC901S 3GHz Handheld Network Analyzer multi RF-meter

  1. chuyaochen

    I can say that I am very satisfied with your device model kc901s and your attitude to customers I’ve tested it for 30 or more days in different places and close to strong RF fields on the radio transmitter transmitting stations that transmits power from preko10kw I was surprised because I thought will not work in a strong RF field or instrument works perfectly and measured data given as the SWR or range of new functions and measurement error in the length of coaxial cables everything works perfectly well
    but I do have an objection to the mode spectrum analyzer sensitivity has seen some of its frequency of its oscillator, for example, if the percentage of the frequency band 145.000MHz and span 1MHz device has some noise in the range of approximately 5-10db 145.300+ and the more options hi and low fashion do not helps
    another possibility if you could do is change the option to move your cursor step which encoder to put the ability to change frequencies as follows You can not put the exact frequency of the cursor where you want the marker but he always rounded to a point after the approximate number of third happened to me that some frequency spectrum in broadcasting on the FM band from 88 to 108MHz if the bandwidth of a larger span, for example on a 100mhz frequency see stronger and later when the span is reduced to that same 10MHz frequency is lower in the living room and some others are stronger as confusing noticed that the same spectrum mode if the central frekvecija rounded to 145,000 examples he sees some weak emitters working with 20db and broadcast for example to 145,700 and if the span 10MHz but if I put that central frekvecija example 145.37800 and the same span of 10MHz then see you on the broadcasters spectrum without problems so that it is also confusing why so happy if all the fm modulacijii at the end it would be really nice if the spectrum could analizaotoru and to hear the tone modulation of the assigned frequency cursor marker

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