KC901V safety case
KC901V safety caseKC901V safety caseKC901V safety case

KC901V Safety Case Set


The Christmas Sales date:
December 25, 2017 ~January 3, 2018.



Product Description

The KC901-Serial Safety Case Set, is a smart design that makes all stuffs neatly and safely packed up, once and for all.


What in Package(User manual included)



Inside of the safety box is divided into two layers.
The first layer:

KC901V safety case

The second layer:

KC901V safety case


Package Size

≈ 2.74kg


Warranty and Return

NOTICE: Only applicable to the KC901V. Neither the safety box nor the accessories is eligible for the Warranty and Return.
1 year warranty
30 days return









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Additional Information

Weight 2.74 kg
Dimensions 26 x 21 x 15 cm


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