KC901V 6.8GHz Handheld Network Analyzer RF multimeter

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KC901V is a multipurpose RF instrument integrating a VNA (vector network analyzer), spectrum analyzer, field strength meter, and an extra low-frequency signal source. It can do complete single port vector measurement and 2-ports simple vector network analyzing.

Main Features

  • Vector network analyzing up to 6.8GHz
  • 1Hz frequency step
  • Good accuracy and anti-interference ability
  • Abundant functions and easy to carry (Weight less than 1kg)


Main Functions

  • Transmission measurement (Filter adjustments, measuring amplifiers, verifying directivity of antennas)
  • Reflection measurement (Impedance matching network adjustment, antenna feeding system quality evaluation)
  • RF source plus an extra audio signal source
  • Spectrum display and field strength observation (potentially used for inspecting a radio station’s emission performance, or for searching for the interference sources)


The differences between 901V and 901S

  •  The 901V and 901S have similar RF technical theories, so the 901V carries forward the technical effect of the KC901S
  •  The 901S has taken sim-digital IF technology. The amplitude detection is analog and the phase discriminator is in digital form. The 901V has taken full-digital IF technology. Based on this improvement, the noise of the 901V’s phase amplitude path line has improved greatly compared with the KC901S.
  •  Because of the improvement of the bridge, the 901V is already able to do the S11 measurement which reaches to 9KHz and the directionality is  still good during the 9KHz to 6.8GHz.
  • The 901V’s spectrum function shares a same port with its S11 function. When using the transmission measurement, the way to use the port is opposite to 901S (are you able to guess why?).
  •  The 901V’s S21 is vector. Although it only supports frequency response calibration, phase’s introduction can allow clearer judgment of the trend.
  •  The 901V’s frequency range is from 9KHz to 6.8 GHz. Actually the frequency range can be set within 5KHz to 7GHz.
  • The 901V’s RBW can be set as 1KHz, 3KHz, 10KHz or 30KHz (actually it’s around 25KHz). The spectrum function is a bit stronger than the 901S.
  • Compared with the beta version of the 901S, the 901V’s beta version has added a network port. Both CPU and FPGA can be updated remotely.


Recommended Applications

  • KC901V is mainly used for adjusting various RF circuits, such as filters, amplifiers, splitters, combiners; testing input/output impedance, evaluating antenna feeding system and detecting equipment’s signal amplitudes at all level. It can also do filed strength measurement, which is useful during miscellaneous kinds of search for interference source etc.
  • Combining intelligence in the community, KC901V is the tool to study RF for students and hobbies. In professional situations, it is used in communication engineering, antenna manufacturing, daily maintenance of broadcast, RF circuits development and so on. KC901V improves working efficiency, ease the weight burden and improve working quality.

What in package

  • 1 x KC901V
  • 1 x power adapter
  • 1 x strap
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x desktop stand

KC901V DS1

Package Size

≈ 31cm×26cm×12cm
≈ 2.0Kg

Warranty and Return

1 year warranty
30 days return (Only quality problems)

Shipping with DHL/TNT/FedEX.


4 reviews for KC901V 6.8GHz Handheld Network Analyzer RF multimeter

  1. Maximo – EA1DDO

    After looking for some time for an antenna analyzer with full set of measurements, I’ve found the KC901V. Quality measures at close level as Anritsu Site Master, but more affordable and with lots more features. Best invest for ham and workshop.

  2. Anders Klint (verified owner)

    I have now used my new KC901V for a week. I am very pleased with
    the good performance, all the features and the high build quality.
    It surpassed my expectations.
    It is fully useful with the built-in factory calibration (Sys CAL).
    For fine tuning of antennas and filters for a specific frequency range I perform a calibration (User CAL) for even better results. I like that I can save measurements and screenshots but especially user calibration values ​​on a memory card. But it is a bit slow and cumbersome to name files.
    I have previously used an AIM4170C 1 port antenna analyzer that I was quite pleased with. However, it has several shortcomings as opposed to the KC901V. It must be run from a PC. It has low output level, making it sensitive to interference and the frequency range is only up to 180 MHz.
    But above all it has no tracking generator.
    I have very little previous experience with 2 port Network Analyzer’s but I got started and could do a lot of measurements without looking into the manual. It is apparent that the KC901V is designed by very knowledgeable people. In my view, it has a very logical user interface.
    I read the manual afterwards to make sure I did not miss anything. But I had missed the extra settings in “Advance Settings” and got some tips on how to perform certain measurements correctly such as adjusting a 70 cm duplexer for best performance. I tested with a factory-tuned duplexer and managed to get it a few dB better on both TX and RX ports.
    The display is bright and sharp. It can be used outdoors in the sun unless the sun is shining directly on the screen. Then you can shadow it with your hand or turn your back to the sun for example.
    One thing that I have some problems with, in the otherwise very good user interface, is that it’s hard to see if a function, as an example the RF source output, is running or not. The little symbol at the top of the screen is hard to see when it changes shape from one square to a triangle. Hope it can be improved in an upcoming firmware upgrade.
    Another improvement I would like is that the analyzer automatically sets the number of swep points and the sweep rate, as when calibration was made, when loading a user calibration file from memory card.
    All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase. The staff at Deepace have a good customer service and quick response to mail.
    Anders Klint (SA0BDK)

  3. Murray John Ellis

    Great product for the money. I spent 3 months looking at the alternatives for a portable VNA. I didn’t have a specific application, but I wanted something better than SDR kit but couldn’t spend $15k on a brand name, Now that I have used this, I really like it – espcially because it has its own display and does not require a separate computer, The S11 measurements have been accurate and repeatable and the software has many excellent features. The engineers did a great job; customer service is excellent, and Anna at Deepace is very responsive to requests. Great overall experience.

  4. chuyaochen

    Forward from Noel Higgins (VK3NH)
    The KC901V is the “Swiss army knife” of RF test equipment.  I found out how good this equipment was after testing a ham friends KC901S, but I purchased the KC901V because I wanted to cover the 5.8GHz WiFi bands as well.  The whole idea of a product developed and improved by constant feedback from end users with the ability to be updated through firmware changes appeals to me.
    Whilst it is marketed for ham use rather than as professional test equipment, it does a great job and I only gave the 4 out of 5 rating because I can still see where some improvements can be made.
    I work in RF consultancy, standards and testing and have a screened RF test laboratory full of high quality equipment. However the portable and flexible KC901 V with its long battery life make it a valuable and cost effective addition to both my laboratory and more importantly for me to use to do functional tests when I am away from the laboratory.  In the laboratory I can check RF test leads and verify the frequency limits of attenuators, loads and antennas in case they have been damaged.
    As a network analyser, the S11 function is fantastic, providing many ways to observe the results including smith charts and impedance versus frequency.  The S21 function works well provided you compensate for port mismatches, especially when tuning cavities.  The spectrum analyser is very useful provided it is used within the span limits dictated by the number of sample points multiplied by the bandwidth used otherwise you can miss things. (Also for wish list add 300Hz and 100Hz bandwidths) The RF generator is quite useful but I wish my unit also had FM modulation capability as I think is provided on the latest hardware version of the KC901V. 
    The AF generator is amazing with multiple modulation modes and being able to switch between a 1K and two 50 ohm outputs then going to up to 2 GHz using harmonics, but care must be taken to avoid overload effects from high level low frequency components if you are connecting it directly by cable to the device under test.  Level accuracy is fair. The FM modulation is perfect for calibrating older analogue modulation meters because it is accurately generated by the digital design which I have checked on a spectrum analyser using Bessel functions. (FM carrier null points) Plus it does distance to fault and field strength modes plus allowing for antenna system calibration factors to be added. 
    I look forward to an English version of the devices external programming manual to be made available sometime in the future.
    In conclusion, I would say the KC901V is a great portable tool for RF work and a value for money package for anyone who is “hands on” with RF.  Thanks also go to Anna and the engineering staff at Deepace for their help and the backup they provide in after sales assistance for their products.

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