KC908 Spectrum Analyzer vii

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9kHz-10.8GHz real-time specreum analyzer

wide-band receiver


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KC908 is a wide-band receiver/spectrum analyzer, it can measurement radio frequence spectrum and field strength, also it can demodulation and monitoring common signal. KC908 can record the raw IQ signal and save for later analysis.

KC908 is based on SDR theory. Different with other SDR receivers, KC908 integrated complete signal processing and user interface, it is no need to connect a computer. KC908 support SDR software like HDSDR and be able to connect with GNURadio.

KC908 can use to a Reconnaissance receiver. Different with sweep spectrum analyzer, KC908 using FFT to get spectrum result. Sweep 3GHz range in 1 second.

KC908 have 2 receive channels. It can measure the Amplitude difference and phase difference in two channels. It has signal generator function to output the CW and simple modulated signal.

Basic function

1 spectrum analysis

2 All mode analog demodulation

3 Field strength measurement

4 simple signal generator

Utility function

1 better than 25KHz frequence measurement accuracy in any sweep span, once measurement can get the accurate frequence.

2 comfortable monitoring with multiple squelch mode

3 automatic statistics strong signal

4 up to 999 channels can be save

5 waterfall figure display

6 record IQ and audio to TF card

7 level tone function

8 high volume audio output


KC908 can use as traditional spectrum analyzer, for digital, pulse or unstable signals(like magnetron output) will be better.

1 professional communication

2 IoT project

3 interference search

4 concealed signal source search

5 electromagnetic radiation measurement

6 radar and satellite station

7 radio reconnaissance and monitoring

8 spectrum resource occupancy analysis

9 industrial microwave

Difference with KC901

KC908 is a real-time spectrum analyzer, KC901 is a network analyzer

KC908 is design for measurement the radio signal in open field. KC901 is use for measurement the RF component like antenna and filter

KC908 can demodulate AM FM SSB CW etc analog modulation signal. KC901 has no demodulation function.

Spectrum analyzer function of KC908 will more powerful than KC901

KC908 small than KC901

KC908 can connect to the computer via usb3.0, use GNURadio software like B210 SDR

KC908 have TF card slot can record IQ or audio signals.



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