KCR100B LPDA 380MHz-8GHz Antenna


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New version wide-band directional antenna KC-R100B 380MHz-8GHz

Frequency Range: 380MHz-8GHz

Gain: 5dBi *note1

Return Loss: 10dB Maximum 50Ohm

maxPower: 5W

Package Dimension(L×W×H): 60cm×43cm×6cm

Cable Length: about 2.0m. (interior length: about 0.5m, exterior length: 1.5m)

Net Weight: about 850g

Total Package Weight: about 2kg

Operation Conditions Temperature Range: -40- +85s℃

Humidity Range: 0%- 95% (100% in short time is allowed)


note1:Under 3GHz, the typical value of R100B gain is 5dBi, which is higher at lower frequency and 7.6dBi at the highest (near 800MHz). With the frequency approaching 3GHz, the gain decreases slowly to 2dBi.When the frequency is higher than 3GHz, the gain fluctuates around 2dBi and is basically stable. in the range of 3.5-4 GHz, the gain should be considered as 0 dBi. Measured with original cable

400MHz 5GHz 10GHz 

Gain and Return-Lose




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