R102C 1.5GHz-9GHz Wideband Directional Antenna


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The R102C 1.5GHz-9GHz Wideband Directional Antenna is applicable to the directional radio signal transmission and receiving, signal source reconnaissance and direction finding, as well as wideband signal testing and other relevant purposes.
The antenna can cover the commonly used frequencies of mobile communications, UWB positioning modules, Wifi and other RF units.

Basic parameters

Frequency range: 1.5GHz-9GHz
Polarization mode: linear polarization
Rated gain: 7dBi
Return loss: 10dB
Power handling : 5W
Mechanical parameters: 10cm*16cm

KC R102C Wideband Antenna-
KC R102C Wideband Antenna
KC R102C Wideband Antenna.


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